Is ARC Replacement Just a Dream?

Last night, the Museum of the City of NY hosted a panel on the future of transportation in the New York Metropolitan area. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, but StreetsblogNYC has provided a great summary of last night’s proceedings.

According to Streetsblog reporter Noah Kazis, Jeffrey Zupan had bad news for those dreaming of a replacement of the ARC Tunnel:

“Zupan, who was director of planning at New Jersey Transit for ten years, said that plans to replace ARC were pipe dreams. “We’re not going to see any of that money any time soon for a substitute,” he said. “To think that we’re going to find a substitute for ARC I think is really folly.”

Despite Zupan’s skepticism, Senator Lautenberg’s office continues to advocate for the Gateway Tunnel. On Monday, February 28, Zoe Baldwin (formerly at the Tri-State Transportation Campaign and now a Transportation and Environment Project Specialist for  Lautenberg), will be delivering a presentation on Gateway to the Raritan Valley Rail Coalition.


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